Fear Eats The Soul

On a Saturday night
My half filled wine glass
Catches the light
From a long ago film
Fassbinder’s greatest and most tender
She is past her prime
Yet has so much to give
I see myself in her, strangely enough
Yearning, lonely, fearful
Seemingly doomed to drift
In a sea absent of visible shorelines
Raining outside
She takes shelter within the darkness
A stranger walks slowly towards her
The fearful energy buzzing about her
Yet he is confident and kind
A dance you say?
Two souls
From opposite worlds
A true connection forms
Real love emerges
Like some slowly awakening dog
The dance crystallizes a moment
I don’t care what you have done
It does not matter who you have been with
But when we’re together
We must be nice to each other
Life’s not worth living
For love to last
Connections to bind
Ever tighter, stronger
We forgive the past
For the present
Beckons a simple action
In darkness we despair
Coiled tightly in writhing pain
Memories can be beautiful
And yet tear us apart
Just what is
That simple action?
Fassbinder knew
With just that simple dance
In all of our darkness
Our pain, our loneliness, our fear
Live in the present
And love unconditionally

(image from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Ali: Fear Eats The Soul”)


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